About Me

Amanda Foster

About Me

I am a woman who is passionate about people, supporting and empowering them and providing the space so that they can be productive and the best they can be.

I have a wide range of skills and much experience to support my passion -this allows me to provide a tailor-made solution that best fits your business and your people.

My Strengths

  • Empathy:
    I can sense the emotions of those around me. I am able to see the world through their eyes and share their perspective. My instinctive ability to understand is powerful. I am able to anticipate the need. I am also able to assist people to find the right words and right tone to express themselves more effectively.
  • Ideation:
    I am fascinated by ideas. My mind is always looking for connections and am intrigued when seemingly disparate things are linked by a connection. I am able to take the world as we see it and turn it around so that it can be viewed from a different perspective which can be more enlightening.
  • Maximiser:
    Excellence, not average, is my measure. Transforming something into something strong and superb is thrilling. I am fascinated by the process of discovering peoples strengths and assisting them to make them shine.
  • Relator:
    A relationship only has value if it is genuine. Trust is important in forming and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Strategic:
    I am able to see the wood for the trees. I am able to see patterns and find the simplicity in the complexity. While I am able to think strategically, have the big picture, I am also able to translate the strategy into an operational action plan.

What excites me

Empowering others brings a smile to my face. It gives me great pleasure to see a light of understanding come on in someone’s eyes.

It is important for me to leave a person or and environment in a better position than what I found them.

For this to happen, I need to be allowed the space and opportunity to connect with people with a “can do” attitude, who are ignited by a challenge that requires connecting the dots in order to arrive at a completely tailor-made solution that works and, most importantly, that they own and grow going forward.