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Fire and Cycles

If you missed the fires that raged on the Cape Mountains over the past couple of weeks, you must have been hiding under a rock ! The pictures posted all over Social Media were breathtaking as they captured all aspects of the power of fire.

Confronted by a wall of fire – something so powerful in […]

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Manifesting your Potential

A friend of mine climbed Mount Everest. Seriously, she got right to the top. I admire her for her strength, her level of endurance in extreme weather conditions and her tenacity. But wait, there’s more … a week before her ascent, she slipped in the shower and cracked her hip bone. My eyes are as […]

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Are you awake ?

Do you often wonder, how did I get here ? Where did the time go ? Is it Thursday already ? Oh my, it’s Christmas again ?!

How many of us go through life on auto-pilot, going through the motions of day-to-day living ?

The diagram on the left shows the three Levels of Consciousness that we […]

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Do you get enough sleep ?

I could never understand why on some mornings I woke up feeling like I had been hit by the back of a bus and other mornings I felt alive and refreshed.

I thought it was because I had just had a late night, or I was worried about something or I had not slept properly the […]

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Children’s Favourites

A friend’s daughter recently celebrated her 6th birthday. As I looked at the photographs on Facebook of the fabulous party, I was reminded of the things that I loved when I was six years old. Two things stand out for me – books and the radio. (how’s that for showing my age ?!)

I still have […]

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Know Thyself

Following on from a previous post – Who am I  ?

I am really fascinated by this concept of “self”. I have been on a journey to find my Authentic Self.

For a long time, I have been hooked into the idea that all those labels and descriptors and values and principles defined who I was, my […]

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