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Who am I ?

Whenever I ask this question of some of my coaching clients, there is a stunned silence accompanied by a “deer-in-the-headlights” expression on their faces.

I can almost see the internal dialogue flowing out of their heads like speech bubbles : What do I say ? What do I say that is “acceptable”, that doesn’t sound like […]

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Why do Capetonians love Table Mountain ?

Hi, I’m a Capetonian and I love Table Mountain !
There, I said it ! :)

What is it about a pile of flat-topped rocks that generates a warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach ?
Does it give a sense of strength ? A sense of security - “I will always be here no matter what happens” ? A […]

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Find your “Bliss”

I have heard many people talk about discovering yourself by peeling back the layers of the onion. My experiences with onions have left me with eyes streaming, a raw taste in my mouth and fingers stinking of onion (that’s before I get out the knife and just cut through the layers !)

So, I don’t have […]

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This thing called love

Recently, I have been presented with opportunities to explore this thing called love. What is it ? What does it look like ? What does it mean to say “I love you”?

I think what makes it problematic, for me, is that there is only one word in the English language for “love”, but it can […]

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Putting things into perspective

I feel compelled to share another poem by Graham Dukas. (You may remember a previous post containing one of his poems – Grating Cheese).

I love the gentle humour. The seeming simplicity that then develops into multiple layers of thought. What does this poem say to you ? Please leave a comment and let me know […]

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Talk to the Animals

This past weekend, I was privileged to attend an Animal Communication Retreat with Juice run by Wynter Worsthorne and Kathy Wolstenholme at the Living Art Farm in Noordhoek, Cape Town. I went with the intention to learn how to communicate with animals but I got so much more !

12 women from across the country came together […]

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