Defining Moment – Have Faith

My story begins Jan ‘13. I leave for a SA tourism roadshow to India.

One year later Jan ‘14 I woke up blind. You would not think that the two are related. But I had contracted TB whilst in India. The TB meds caused a massive hemorrhage behind my eyes, […]

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Defining Moments – Be True to Yourself

I remember sitting in my car on my mobile phone, listening to someone at the end of a long conversation say to me, “Well, if you do that, then you’re being naïve, and it may mean that we don’t work together in the future.”.

He meant it as an insult and veiled threat. […]

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Defining Moments – Creative Formula

I remember exactly where I was sitting and what I was doing when I had my defining moment.

You see up until that point I had no idea what next step to take with my life. Go figure.

I knew I was supposed to be an entrepreneur, I’d known that since I was 14 years old- but […]

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Defining Moments – Courage to Fly

Most people would think that my defining moment would have been one of the major events of my life.

And to a certain extend each one of those events had a defining factor. Almost dying in a car accident at 16 allowed my eyes to open not only to my inner strength but that of my mother, […]

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Defining Moments – Do not Wait !

I experienced one of my major life defining moments in 2015, when I realised that I could not wait anymore…
I could no longer wait to pursue my dream of owning my own business.

How did I get there? I had started a new corporate job a few months earlier.  After realising at an early stage that it was […]

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More Defining Moments

I am so excited !

During March 2016, 5 fabulous Southern African women will be sharing their defining moments. It is such a privilege to publish these very powerful, personal stories. I am humbled by the women who are participating in this Defining Moments series.

My hope is that the sharing of these stories will engage women […]

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