Back to work not cool ?

The holiday was fabulous ! Had such fun in the sun with friends and family but now the bell tolls and it’s back to work time … I hear a collective groan from those of us whose task it is to keep the economy going.

Do you ever wonder why you go to work ? Do […]

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Step by Step

Last week, I was struck by this extract from Good Company by Shri Shantananda Saraswati :
A man had to travel ten miles away to attend to some urgent work. It was late at night and very dark. He took his lantern and came out of the house. He looked out and saw that pitch darkness prevailed the whole […]

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The Power of Love

What a title, hey ? Totally unoriginal, though … I bet off the top of your head you could rattle off many songs about the power of love. Love has been “done to death” but is it really so powerful ?

I’ve gone “Back to the Future” with Huey Lewis and the News singing this refrain :
“Don’t […]

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How to change the world

An ambitious title, don’t you think ?

I feel a little helpless and small when I watch the international news as they report on the hate and killing and horrible treatment of living things.

Closer to home, I have noticed (and experienced) nastiness and unpleasant treatment of living things. I thought – maybe I could make a […]

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This thing called love

Recently, I have been presented with opportunities to explore this thing called love. What is it ? What does it look like ? What does it mean to say “I love you”?

I think what makes it problematic, for me, is that there is only one word in the English language for “love”, but it can […]

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Affirmations or Afformations ?

Pa-ta-to, Pe-tah-to … let’s call the whole thing off – right ?

Well, before you dismiss the heading as just being a typo (it’s only one letter difference after all), I encourage you to read on.

According to Wikipedia, “Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering […]

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