Too Old to Change ?

Am I too old to change ?
I have been on the planet for so long now, is it possible to make changes in my life ?
Is it possible to change course now ?
Is it too late ?

Here’s the good news : it’s never too late. :)

Actually, it’s not about time at all, it’s about you […]

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What does success look like ?

Would success be less scary if we knew what it looked like ?

We get so caught up in the process of achieving something, that we don’t take the time to visualise what our life will be like when we are successful. We are?like hamsters spinning in our?little “achievement” wheels. :)

Imagine if we took time out […]

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Shine the light on Fear

My coach sent me this quote my Marianne Williamson. Although I am not really a fan of the “deep and meaningful” quotes that are reused and recycled to suit a situation, this one came at a time when I am sharing about the fear of success so,?I thought?I would give it a whirl?… Please don’t […]

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Fear of Success

People always talk about the “fear of failure” that holds them back from stepping out, taking a risk and trying something new.

Not many people talk about the “fear of success”.

Huh ?

Ever done something fabulous, like lose 30 kilograms, and people start congratulating you … and that little voice inside you starts up – “see, now […]

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