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Limiting Love

With all the horrendous behaviour of the past few weeks across the world, I am wonder what is limiting the love that exists naturally between human beings ? What is causing the duality that is resulting in hurt, pain and death ?

I came across the following possible causes that seem to make some sense to […]

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The power of thought

“Thoughts become things … choose the good ones” – Mike Dooley

Ever taken the time to notice how your thoughts become things in practice ?
Thoughts can be very powerful indeed. It seems that like attracts like (I know, science says that like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other … but not in […]

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Pure Love Equations

Over the past week, I have been reflecting on whether Pure Love actually exists. I have been looking for evidence of Pure Love in my everyday life. I have to say, I found it a real challenge to find it.  The week left me wondering whether Pure Love actually exists, what it is, what is […]

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To love or not to love ?

Is that the question ?
Below is an extract from ‘In Tune with the Infinite : The Secret, Power and Effects of Love’ by Ralph Waldo Trine. It makes some really interesting points.
“Not to love is not to live, or it is to live a living death. The life that goes out in love to all is the life […]

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Happiness or Pleasure ?

I have been introduced to an interesting distinction this week – the difference between Pleasure and Happiness.

What is pleasure ? Is it “bad” to pursue pleasure, to engage in pleasurable activities ?
Pleasure can be seen as being derived from external sources e.g. an activity or object or person. The derived pleasure only lasts for […]

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What is a relationship ?

Are we in a relationship ? Are we not ? What is a relationship ? What does the word actually mean ?

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