What does busy-ness do for you ?

The Christmas rush of presents and socializing and eating is over.

Work is done for another year.

My diary looks empty for the first time in months.

OMG ! What is wrong with me ? Does nobody love me ? What am I going to do with all this free time ? I must do something … Surely […]

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What can we learn from children ?

As we grow older, we get wiser … right ?
I wonder …

Watching children, I realise there is so much we can learn from them.

Run, skip, jump … climb over stuff or under stuff. Having the energy and the excitement to want to explore – not by the “conventional” routes
That sense of wonder and awe is […]

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Finding your passion ?

What is your passion ?
What is your purpose ?
What were you put on this earth to contribute to the greater goodness of mankind ?

These are the questions that are rattling around in my brain at the moment.

I am waiting for … what ? An epiphany ? A huge light bulb moment or a flash of […]

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Creative Ideas – where do they come from ?

Where do creative ideas come from ?

Sounds a bit like that question Mom’s dread from their young children – “Mommy, where do babies come from ?”

*Stunned silence*
How should I answer that ?
Should I answer that ?
What if I get it wrong and scar my child for life ?

(Well, that’s what I would imagine would be […]

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Surrounding yourself with supportive people

Sometimes, it can feel like you are “alone” in your journey through life. Being alone is not necessarily a scary thing – but it can  be for some people. It can also be a time of reflection, a chance to quieten down your mind and body so that healing can take place. Being alone and still can be […]

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Success – who decides ?

Today, I wonder … who determines whether we are successful or not ? Who decides the criteria for success ?

When asked to define success for yourself, what would you say ?

I have a top-paying job
I have a house with a white-picket fence, a golden retriever and 2.3 kids
I have a car (or maybe even 2)
I […]

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