Totally devoted to you

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been exploring the word “devotion” and wondering whether the way of devotion is the way to living freely and happily.

What does the word “devotion” bring up for you ?
As I write this, I have that song from Grease in my head proclaiming that Olivia Newton-John and John […]

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The 7 year Itch

It took LinkedIN to remind me that it was 7 years ago that I started Coaching Connection.

As the cliche goes – the 7 year itch in any relationship, you get to question – should I stay or should I go ?
As is my way, this just raises more questions – why did I start coaching […]

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Waves of Identity

Looking back over the last couple of weeks, I can reflect on events that have felt like the building of a wave that eventually crashed last Sunday morning leaving destruction in its wake.

As the wave began to build, I noticed that I was becoming more and more invisible. People said they couldn’t hear me, even […]

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Me, myself and I

I am sure that all Moms cringe when their little darlings go through the stage of everything being “mine”. That need to identify with things, to have things … thank goodness for Barney and his “sharing is caring” mantras ? (well, maybe after the first 100 times of watching it …)

Our egos are an interesting […]

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No person is an island

“We say a person is a person through other persons. We don’t come fully formed into the world. We learn how to think, how to walk, how to speak, how to behave, indeed how to be human, from other human beings. We need other human beings in order to be human. We are made for togetherness, we are made […]

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Free the Present

“Be present”, they say

“Be in the now”, they say

“Harness the power of now”, they say

“There’s no time like the present”, they say

Between you and me, this “telling me what to do” and “do it now” has been getting me down a bit.  I can just feel my hackles rise … don’t you get all up […]

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