Energy loves Focus

One of my AHA moments from Wendy Palmer’s Master Class :

Ever had one of “those days” when you’ve asked yourself “can it get any worse ?” … and it does ?!
“things always happen in threes” … and they do !

These are practical illustrations of how energy organises around the thoughts that we keep in focus. […]

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Focus on the Space

One of my AHA moments from Wendy Palmer’s Master Class :

When Wendy Palmer entered the Master Class, everyone noticed. Not because she was the last person to arrive, but because her energy filled the room.

Rather than focussing on each individual in the room, she collectively included everyone. How ? By focussing on the space between […]

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Letting Go vs Giving Up

One of my AHA moments from Wendy Palmer’s Master Class :

During the Partner Centering practice (click here to read more about Partner Centering), there is a step where one partner releases their arms while still being supported by the other.

Before, I would just let my arms drop like lead and my partner would have to […]

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The Power of Me

Over the past week, I have been shown examples by various people that make the following?true : “Change your embodiment, change your outlook”.

What do I mean ?

Take a few moments to think about this …

When you are feeling confident, on top of the world, like nothing can stop you – what is your body doing […]

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Conscious Embodiment : new insights

Karen White has started the?Level 1 Conscious Embodiment Practice Sessions again this year – yay ! I have decided to re-do the series so that I can re-inforce what I learnt the first time round and also to compare and contrast my experiences this time round.

So, in this series, I will assume that you have […]

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2011 : Conscious Embodiment Workshops

So excited ! Karen White is starting the Conscious Embodiment Workshops for 2011

What is it about ?
I have been writing lots of blog posts about this – so go and have a look at the posts in the Intuitive Body category of my blog and read all about it.
But,?in a nutshell, this is what it’s […]

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