Diary of a Meditator

Dear Diary

I have been reading about THE CREATIVE POWER OF SILENCE from ‘Silence as Yoga’ by Swami Paramananda and wanted to remember this bit in particular :

“The aim of silence is not to free our mind from thought and assume a state of emptiness and passivity. On the contrary silence becomes a definite factor […]

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The power of decision making

Ah ! Making decisions … agonising and painful or quick and easy ?

I’m not talking about the relatively minor decisions we make on a daily basis like what will I wear today, what’s for dinner, does he like me ? I’m talking about those big, juicy decisions to questions that require us to decide what […]

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Unlike you

I know how to return a call.
To be fair, maybe in this world
of modern technology you didn’t
get my message : not the one
I left on your cell phone, not the
one I left on your land line.
not the email I sent.

Maybe I need to send you
detailed instructions :
Use your left hand to pick up
the phone, your […]

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