Back to school …

The morning routine of many youngsters in Cape Town changed today.

They probably woke up a little earlier this morning, maybe with a funny feeling┬álike butterflies in their tummies. They ate their breakfast maybe with a little extra energy boost. They brushed their teeth and their hair with a little extra care. They put on slightly […]

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Coaching is about taking back control of your life, starting today

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Why do you need a life coach ?

Good question.

Most people’s response is “I don’t need a life coach, there is nothing wrong with me.”

So, I’ll ask an easier question : “Why should you have a personal trainer ?” […]

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Life Coaching : A Bridge over Troubled Water

This is as much for me as it is for you … :)

With all the fighting and?demonstrating in Egypt, the earthquakes in New Zealand, the flooding around?the world and the?ongoing?conflict in the?Middle East … I wonder what affect it has on you, directly or indirectly???
A crisis of any kind, be it on an international level […]

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Myth #6 : What can I learn from a life coach that I don’t already know ?

For me, as an integral life coach, I am not in the business of “telling” people what it is I think they need to know.

We all look at the world through glasses with lenses that we manufacture ourselves – either rose-tinted or grey or slightly smudged or with sparkles and a silver lining. In Integral […]

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Coaching Mythbusters : Half way mark

I think that maybe 10 coaching myths would be enough for this series … don’t you ?

5 myths down …

Myth #1 : There is nothing wrong with me, I don’t need a coach … BUSTED !

Myth #2 : Therapy didn’t work for me, coaching won’t either … BUSTED !

Myth #3 : I can’t afford a […]

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