Just let go

Just let it go, people tell me … it’s all over Facebook, so it must be so easy !
But, when I get to thinking about the act of letting go, what does it actually mean ?

Let go of things … I can visualise an open hand releasing a feather that is carried away by […]

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Find Yourself by letting go

In the eternal search for “self”, many of us find ourselves constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answers, that silver bullet, that golden thread that will just magically produce the AHA moment and everything will fall into place … yes ?

I was recently told this short story by John Grimes meeting an Indian Monk. […]

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How can love endure ?

Why does love sometimes seem fleeting … even fickle, sometimes ?Why do we “fall out of love” ? Why doesn’t love always last forever ?

I wonder whether it perhaps have something to do with the transient nature of love ?

Love is transient when it is directed at the physical body, the way a person behaves, […]

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Honouring Yourself

I received this gentle reminder from My Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum this morning so I thought I would share it with you.
When you are Tired – Sleep
When you are Thirsty – Drink
When you are Hungry – Eat
When you are Inspired – Work
When you are Happy – Laugh
When you are Angry – Shout
When you are Playful – Play
When you are Loving – Love
When you […]

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Shame on you !

We all have something in our past that when we think about it sends waves of shame washing over us. That cringing OMG moment or that bitter regret that makes you wish you could turn back time and “do it over”.

But we can’t. It’s done.

If we look at it, sure, the deed was probably not […]

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Do we ever stop learning ?

I can’t quite believe that Pink Floyd is playing in my head. I keep hearing the refrain “we don’t need no education”.

When I think back on my places of learning (school, then under-graduate and post-graduate studies), I wonder what did I really learn ? I can remember very little of the facts and figures that […]

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