Change Management

You need a Change Manager if you are planning to implement a change in the way you conduct business.

Having a Changer Manager to facilitate the Change Journey, will allow your staff to feel included and heard and part of the process. They will feel like they are treated like individuals , instead of part of a crowd so that when the change is implemented, they are ready, willing and able to adopt the change and accept it.

My offer to you :

  • Change Requirement:
    Understanding the change requirement using the Change Management Requirement & Receptivity Matrix.
  • Change Plan:
    A series of engagements with key stakeholders as well as some creative thinking to come up with a Change Strategy and Plan, including Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Change Implementation:
    Partnering with the Project Manager to implement the Change initiatives as outlined in the plan. Ideally, I would partner with a staff member in business who wishes to grow their skills.
  • Post Change Implementation:
    Support and Lessons Learnt sessions after GO LIVE of the change implementation.

Embark on a Change Journey - Schedule a Change Requirement Session now

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