Change Mentoring

Mentoring is for you if you would like to become a change manager but don’t yet have the skills and would like to learn on-the-job or if you already are a Change Manager but lack experience and confidence and want to broaden your skillset.

Benefits are visible to the individual and the environment. The individual will gain regular, objective feedback and input that can be implemented immediately at each step of the project. The individual will gain experience in a “real life” scenario and not just the theory of Change Management. The business will have a staff member with increased confidence and competence and will see the value almost immediately without losing time out of the office.

My offer to you:

  • Mentoring Needs Analysis:
    Engage with key stakeholders and sponsors to understand the mentoring need, resulting in a Mentoring Needs Analysis Report
  • Mentoring Program:
    Engage with staff to be mentored on a regular basis for the specified period with regular milestone and feedback reports.

Improve competence and confidence through mentoring -
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