Did you miss your Defining Moment “fix” yesterday ?

Sadly, we have come to the end of this Defining Moments series.

It has been wonderful to see how powerful stories by women, about women, for women can be. From the responses and comments, I can only imagine how each post touched the heart of someone in the world which is indeed a wonderful thing.

I would like to thank all the beautiful, strong, amazing women who contributed to this series of Defining Moments :

Mascha Rutherford Tasneem Ravat  Aneeka Moosa Karen White Amanda Visagie  Karen Daniels Jane ToughJulie Deane-Williams Melanie Gow Marianne RouxSvenja Marais


Your stories have inspired women (and some men too !) across the world.

Thank you !

I am planning to do another Defining Moments series … so watch this space.