Dear Diary

Ah ! I bet you thought I had jumped off the meditation super highway ?!
No such luck ! I’m baaa-aaack.

I’m not a super-Zen meditator … yet, but I am having some interesting experiences.

It’s all over facebook – be in the present, be in the now, now is where it’s at.
I get that it’s the only way to really live. But, sometimes, I can see why not being in the present is also quite nice, a way of escaping from the full-on here and now. I would imagine that, for some, it can be a little scary facing stuff the presents itself in the here and now. That’s why awareness is a process of dialing it up gradually rather than putting it on full volume. The more moments you can become aware of the present, the easier it becomes to string them together into longer moments. Being present isn’t a constant state of being, but I would think that if there were more of it, there could be more happiness. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it until I prove otherwise. :)

Other thing I have experience is the impact of sound on the body when it is still. This fascinated me. The sensations were intense. Having one of those Tibetan bowls struck while in a state of stillness felt like my body was being enveloped by rings of sound. Everything else dropped away … it was just the sound.

I wonder what will happen next.