Dear Diary

My big fat hairy Oprah AHA moment for the week … I try too hard.

I have been trying too hard to create still and peace and calm.
Now that I write it down, it sounds completely ridiculous. How on earth does that even make sense ? Stillness, peace and calm just are … they are a state of being not a state of doing. Who do I think I am that I can create that ?!

Well, I suppose it is the way most of the western, capitalist world actually do life. We try and make things happen, we try and strive to achieve goals and do, do, do and go, go, go and then wonder why we get that empty feeling when we have “achieved” something. What, in the end, have we actually achieved ?

BAM ! How’s that for a wake up call ?

One of my colleagues told me that she was at the hairdresser the other day and noticed that she got so impatient while she was having her hair washed. She noticed that she couldn’t relax and enjoy the free head massage she was receiving. She wanted to know how she can be in the moment and enjoy it, should she do yoga or something ?
I just smiled. I totally get where she’s at.

So, this week, I will focus my attention more on being, on letting go and allowing and not wondering all the time “am I doing it right”, “is this what it is supposed to feel like” ?
It is what it is … listen and feel and flow.