Dear Diary

I have been reading about THE CREATIVE POWER OF SILENCE from ‘Silence as Yoga’ by Swami Paramananda and wanted to remember this bit in particular :

“The aim of silence is not to free our mind from thought and assume a state of emptiness and passivity. On the contrary silence becomes a definite factor for our efficient and concentrated thought. Silence means co-ordination of our body, our mind, and all our faculties to such an extent that every particle moves in one rhythm. In this state all our aspirations and ideals move in harmony, so much so that there is no friction. You can verify this in connection with machinery: that which avoids friction most makes the least noise and endures the longest.

In the world of life and all forms of activity, we find this to be true. The life that moves without inharmony and friction is the most efficient life. A man whose mind is well-ordered and whose whole system is well-organised is always finding something of interest within himself. He does not offer his opinion to others because he has found something within. He has become quiet, and through his balance of mind and attitude he is always discovering an inner interest.

That is the most essential factor in all forms of study. No one can study successfully unless he has the power of concentration and co-ordination, and this power cannot be achieved unless we come to an attitude of silence. A silent being is a very restful being. Even in a household we find that a person who is calm, composed and thoughtful radiates a powerful influence.”