Dear Diary

It’s been quite a week.
I received the meditation mantra during a meditation initiation ceremony and now am able to say that I “practice meditation”.

I know, a “meditation initiation ceremony” conjures up all sorts of weird thoughts and ideas, but it actually wasn’t that spooky. Apparently, the mantra was originally given by a teacher from the East (India, I think) to be brought to the people of the west in the years following the war to help heal the world. This ceremony is actually more of an honouring the meditation tradition and giving thanks for the mantra. Well, that’s the edited highlights version because the ceremony was conducted in sanskrit. Even so, I felt a sense of freedom and lightness afterwards.

Since receiving the mantra, I have committed to practice every day, twice a day for 15 minutes. I have to say, so far so good. I have noticed that the waves of my life have shifted from choppy, white horses to calmer, smoother swells.

I’ve been told that practicing meditation allows one to connect with the Self.
I have never really understood how that can actually happen.
I am beginning to see, now, how the words in that sentence work together. I must say, I am rather excited about it.