I am sure that after reading my experiences of Conscious Embodiment you are wanting an opportunity to experience it for yourself – well then, this is for you !

Herewith the information for the next Level 1 practice sessions

When :
1 November 2010 : 09h00 – 11h30
15 November 2010 : 09h00 – 11h30
13 December 2010 : 09h00 – 11h30
21 January 2011 : 09h00 – 11h30
11 February 2011 : 09h00 – 11h30
4 March 2011 : 09h00 – 11h30

** Please note that evening practice sessions are available on request. Please contact Melissa on 021-5323291 or via email on melissa@thehumanconnection.co.za?with your preference.

Where :
Erin Hall, Erin Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town (click here for google map)

How much :
R3000.00 for the six practice groups.

Payment for the full amount is required up front, unless an alternative arrangement is made by agreement. “Pay it forward” bursaries or subsidies are available in certain instances.

How to book :
Please contact Melissa Schorn??on 021-5323291 or via email on melissa@thehumanconnection.co.za

What will I learn :

  • Learn tools and practices that help you increase your presence, confidence, compassion and sense of humour as you deal with organisational change
  • Provide clients with a new way of seeing and doing things that makes them more skillful in their lives
  • Manage stress, conflict? and resistance with greater ease and skill
  • Learn to work effectively from your “centred self” rather than your “personality oriented reactive self”
  • Practice centering under pressure
  • An ability to access the power and intelligence of emotional energy
  • Develop a way to recover centre and clarity when faced with moral, business and political dilemmas
  • Increased capacity to tolerate paradox or tension between opposites
  • Learn to unify the body’s message with what is being said

NOTE : Completion of these practive groups is the equivalent of completing a Level 1 workshop and enables you to enroll for Level 2 with Wendy Palmer in 2011.