If you missed the fires that raged on the Cape Mountains over the past couple of weeks, you must have been hiding under a rock ! The pictures posted all over Social Media were breathtaking as they captured all aspects of the power of fire.

Confronted by a wall of fire – something so powerful in its need consume everything in its path.

Given the choice to either leave the fire and let it run its course or stand up and fight, the brave fire-fighters and volunteers chose to stand up and do what they could to tame the raging inferno.

Always watching and monitoring … fire-fighters were always on the alert, always there, always watching. There was no time for resting on this job. Being alert and awake and watchful was key.

Even though, they were exhausted, there is always compassion for the animals who were caught in the blaze.

In the face of this adversity, it was amazing to see how the residents of Cape Town came out in support of the men and women who were involved in fighting this fire. The initiatives that I was aware of were :

  • Yuppie Chef making a monetary donation
  • Uber Taxis offering to pick up necessities for free and deliver them to the Fire Station
  • CapeTalk raising a huge amount of money for Fire and Rescue in Cape Town

Even though the devastation of the fire meant that the route of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour had to be shortened, that did not stop cyclists and supporters from coming out in their thousands to enjoy the day.

Out of devastation and pain and suffering can arise community and compassion for ourselves, our community and our environment. Let us hope that we can take this awareness forward to make a difference in someone’s life every day.

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