Last week, I shared the different “ways of being” in the world which leads very nicely into this week’s discussion about how to find your centre that, for me, is the basis for Conscious Embodiment.

The basic practice of Conscious Embodiment is the ?Centering Practice? ? learning how to find your centre. I am sure that there are many techniques that can be used to ?find your centre? or ?return to centre? … this one is working for me. Karen introduced the 4-part centering practice at the talk and this is how it works :

Purpose:????????? The 4-Part Centering gives you a way to recover your centered focus.? It is a time out from the reactive pattern and builds the muscle of your ?centered? self.

4 Part Centering Practice

  1. Starting with a long exhale imagine your breath spiraling down rooting into the earth. Then let your inhale spiral up your core and up through the top of your head toward the sky, creating a sensation of lightness.
  2. On your next exhalation, feel the energy in front of you and behind you.? When exhaling again, feel the energy to your left and right and then above and below you.
  3. Keeping your attention on your exhalation, when next you exhale, release tension in your jaw and shoulder.
  4. Lastly, remembering the quality you wish to cultivate, ask yourself, “What would it be like if there was a little more ?? in me?” and give yourself a moment to feel the sensations that flow through you.

Stop and center for 10 – 15 seconds as many times a day as you are able.

Try it.
You can do it anywhere ? in your car at the robots or in traffic, standing in queues or when you feel anxiety building. Notice how you feel before and? after doing the centering practice. The more you do it, the easier and more natural is becomes.

Share your experiences …
Was it easy ? Was it difficult ? Did it get easier ? Did you give up ?

Next time : The real work starts ? Conscious Embodiment Practice Groups