Just let it go, people tell me … it’s all over Facebook, so it must be so easy !
But, when I get to thinking about the act of letting go, what does it actually mean ?

Let go of things … I can visualise an open hand releasing a feather that is carried away by the wind.
Let go of feelings … I can visualise blowing my emotions into a big balloon, tying a knot in the balloon and then allowing the balloon to float away.

So, from these descriptions, I can notice a few things :
(a) you need to know “what” you want to let go – this would require a level of consciousness, I would imagine
(b) that another “force” or “energy” is required to carry it out and away.

For the longest time, I tricked myself into believing that if I didn’t think about “it”, then it didn’t exist. In my mind, I had let them go, but I hadn’t. They were just neatly packaged somewhere else waiting for me.
A realisation for me – “Outta sight, outta mind” is not letting go.

To be able to truly let go, to release your mind and body from the burden of things and feelings that no longer serve you is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

But how ?
That all depends on how you get to your truth :
– if you get there through action, then exercise or movement of some sort is the best way of release
– if you get there through feeling, then a modality of energetic release through the body is the best way of letting go
– if you get there through knowledge, then learning and reading and talking would probably be the best way of reaching a realisation that will allow you to let it go

Whichever your path, don’t be afraid take the first step because that makes all the difference