Following on from a previous post – Who am I  ?

I am really fascinated by this concept of “self”. I have been on a journey to find my Authentic Self.

For a long time, I have been hooked into the idea that all those labels and descriptors and values and principles defined who I was, my “self” and if I just tidied them up a bit, made them look acceptable to me and the outside world, then I would be Authentic. YAY ! Mission Accomplished – even without Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis !

I have since discovered, that this is mission impossible (*sorry*).

There is no “journey” to find your authentic self … huh ?


Pardon ?

Ja, this was a bit of a shock for me to hear as well – it can’t be true ! Surely ! If this is true then what the _______ have I been spending time and money on the last x number of years ?!

The Philosophers (and here I refer to Plato and Socrates – ja, this has been talked about for centuries, so we are really not breaking any new ground here), say that we are all born our authentic selves which is … (wait for it) … consciousness (or to put it another way “a state of awareness”). Are authentic self is aware, conscious and able to observe our beings (our bodies, our egos, our minds, our hearts) in action. Over time, as we get older and get more “conditioned”, we tend to lose our connection to our authentic selves through all the layers of “stuff” that we put in place to protect ourselves.

Can you imagine how freeing it must be to observe how you behave and react and know that you are not those things ? If you think about it for a minute – the statement “I am angry” is not entirely true because “you” are not anger. Anger is an emotion that is manifesting, but it not who you are.

So, does this mean that my journey is at an end ? I don’t think so …  I am busy peeling back the layers of the onion (oh no, the onion again !) to get closer to my beautiful, perfect Authentic Self who has been waiting patiently to be released … again.