Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for you if you find yourself at one of the following transitions in your life and are looking for support and guidance.

  • Scholar to Student
  • Student to Work Environment
  • “in a rut” to finding my purpose
  • Single to Married
  • Married to Single
  • Off work to back to work
  • At work to Retirement
  • At work to Retrenchment
  • Traumatic Experience to Discovering me again

My offer to you:

I offer a free, no obligation Hello-Howzit session to explore the benefits of a coaching partnership.

I respect your budget and your time constraints and as a result, our coaching relationship is sleek and effective and well-priced. You are in control of the coaching pace. If you wan t to speed it up, we meet weekly. If you would prefer a more sedate pace, we meet every two weeks to allow you to digest and practice new ways of being.

Coaching conversations can take place via Skype or in a venue of your choice, allowing us to meet wherever we find ourselves in the world.

My clients are ordinary men and women who have a desire to live their best lives.

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