A friend of mine climbed Mount Everest. Seriously, she got right to the top. I admire her for her strength, her level of endurance in extreme weather conditions and her tenacity. But wait, there’s more … a week before her ascent, she slipped in the shower and cracked her hip bone. My eyes are as round as saucers as I think where did she find the strength to endure an already arduous task under these conditions ? The point is that we all have an abundance of inner resources – be it knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage, compassion etc. We can access these resources at any time so that we can manifest our potential. In order to access these resources, we need two ingredients – Need (or intention) and Stillness. Manifest your Potential The diagram shows that there are two paths you can take to access your inner resources and, in so doing so, manifesting your potential. If you have a well-defined and fully formed need or intention, you can follow the blue arrows towards stillness. Stillness is about quietening down the mind so that you can connect with the wisdom of your heart and body (ie, your inner resources). To get to that space, people use different methods. Some use meditation, others use yoga, others find being in nature (on the mountain, in the bush, in the sea, or in your garden) a way of quietening the mind. Find what works for you. If, however, you do not have a fully formed, well-defined need, not to worry. Start at the Stillness point on the triangle and follow the red arrows. Through stillness, you will come to your define your need and thereby access your inner resources. You will notice from the diagram, that just because you have a need, you do not immediately manifest it. You need to have both the need and stillness to be able to manifest your potential. My friend clearly had a well-defined need – she was determined to climb Mount Everest come hell or high water ! I am sure that she had to work very hard at achieving stillness to overcome the obvious pain she must have been in while she climbed to access her abundance of inner resources. We all have it in us. Do you have a story to share ?