When answering the question “so what do you do ?” with “I am an Life Coach”, how often do you get that quick, rather nervous response “well, there is nothing wrong with me, I don’t need a coach” ?

Where did that come from ?
Perhaps from a misunderstanding of what coaching is all about.

Coaching is about :

  • unlocking hidden potential (the stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know you could be)
  • opening up possibilities by allowing people to see things in a new way
  • developing self and others so as to be more fulfilled
  • increasing competence
  • building an ability to observe and be more aware
  • looks at how your present informs your future state of being
  • getting people equipped to get back on track

Coaching endeavours to empower people towards :

  • long-term excellent performance
  • the ability to self-correct through self-observation
  • the ability to self-generate to?continuously?self-improve

Having said that, not everyone or every situation is “coachable”.
Coaching is a relationship and there needs to be an opening to start that relationship ie. you’ve “gotta want it”, not just because someone else told you it was “for your own good”.

However, if you want to “be more” or “get more out of life”, then maybe coaching is an option for you.

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