Where does this come from ?
I think it’s human nature – if we don’t know what something is, we try and hook it onto something that we do know about – even if the “something” we compare it to is inappropriate. ?Another human trait is first assume the worst of something new before following Steven Covy’s principle of “seeking first to understand”.

So, is coaching the same as therapy ??I don’t believe it is.

Coaching has a focus on the future – on how an individual can be different in order to be more in a particular aspect of their lives. Integral Coaching is about building new competencies and awareness so that an individual can generate their own future as it unfolds.
Yes, you will probably spend a fair amount of time “talking” to your coach, but the coaching relationship is so much more and can include exercises, practices and other experiences that connect heart, mind and body and draw on wisdom from within.

What do you think ? Share your ideas about this myth … CONFIRMED ? or BUSTED ?