It took LinkedIN to remind me that it was 7 years ago that I started Coaching Connection.

As the cliche goes – the 7 year itch in any relationship, you get to question – should I stay or should I go ?
As is my way, this just raises more questions – why did I start coaching in the first place ? Is it still working for me ? Is it working for anybody else ? What is the purpose now ? Has it changed ? Why would I continue ?

Coaching has been the vehicle that has allowed me to fulfill a promise that I made myself – no one should have to navigate a journey of change and transition on their own.

I have also learned that on the journey of transition, there are no short cuts, the shortest way is straight through which can be a daunting task for which many people are not ready. Realising and appreciating where a potential client finds themselves is important to ascertain because this determines the depth to which the coaching collaboration will be effective. I have found that many clients would prefer to skate on the surface, put a band aid on the symptoms, rather than unearthing and exploring the root cause. Those who are not ready, leave. Those who are, stay, and embark on a very rewarding journey of self-discovery. I salute those clients.

If I look back on the past 7 years, coaching has not been lucrative for me and SARS has often asked me why I am not making money. I suppose my business model would probably be held up at Business School as “how not to do it”, but hey ! I am not in the business of forcing change on others so I can make a buck. They’ve “gotta wanna” – that is the bottom line.

I have noticed that every client has provided a different learning opportunity – sometimes completely out of left field. It has been a privilege to stand next to quality people in their quest to live their best lives.

There is still work to do and growth to be nurtured.
I don’t think I’m done yet.