South Africa is gearing up for a series of public holidays in the coming weeks – Freedom Day on 27 April and Workers Day on 1 May.

The concept of Freedom has been uppermost in my mind lately. It is interesting, for me, how as a South African freedom seems to be such an important word. Many South Africans fought for freedom for so many years. Over 20 years into our democracy, do we have freedom ?

What does freedom actually mean ?

We seem to be so busy fighting for it in one form or another. There are marches and riots and killings … and I wonder whether the people fighting for this so-called “freedom” are actually free themselves ?

What are the chains that bind them ?

Are they free from hatred ? Are they free from fear ? Are they free to make their own decisions ? Are they free to think and learn and expand their horizons ?

Until each one of us seeks to unlock the chains that bind our hearts and minds … we will never be free.