Over the last couple of weeks, I have been exploring the word “devotion” and wondering whether the way of devotion is the way to living freely and happily.

What does the word “devotion” bring up for you ?
As I write this, I have that song from Grease in my head proclaiming that Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are “totally devoted to you”. I must say, I feel a little bit queasy.
I also think of those nuns who devote their lives to serve their God. On the one hand, I find it an admirable thing to be able to renounce everything and live a life of service. When I hear stories of those who went to convent schools of how they were treated by the nuns there, my admiration wanes a little.
While I am sitting in traffic in the mornings, I notice the “devotion” motorists have in the pursuit of their own needs and desires to get where they want to be, often at the expense of others.

I wonder, then, whether a definition of devotion could be “a focused, driven force of energy that drives one towards a person or thing” ?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes devotion as “Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity”

I have noticed people around me, looking elements of devotion.
What I notice most often is that the devotion is usually focused on someone or something. There appears to lots of energy exerted either on the person or on the activities required to gain the “something”. In extreme cases, it seems like the blinkers are on, the head is down and he/she is just going at full speed until they get what they want.
And then what happens, I wonder ?

I wonder what it would be like if devotion were not focused on getting the next best cell phone, or the better job or the most beautiful body or face. What if devotion were focused on the search for truth ? Would it look any different ? Would I still feel queasy if I were “totally devoted to truth” ?