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Nico Liebenberg

“Hello. I’m Nico Liebenberg.

I help businesses, business leaders, and their leadership teams become who they are born to be. I am a Leadership- & Life Coach with a Masters degree in Psychology.

I’ve assisted many significant, game-changing leaders and their businesses become successful in their industry. I’ve been at this for more than three decades, facilitating processes where leaders, their teams, and their businesses become highly significant. I am part of a large team of similar-minded Facilitators of change.

I want to journey with you, your leadership team, and your business to impart wisdom that can take you to the next level”.

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Leadership Training Programs

Transform From Manager to Leader

Master the Leadership Principles, Styles, and Skills Needed to Lead and Manage with Purpose!

The Power of Trust in Leadership

Lead with Trust: Master the Art of Leadership, Build Trust and Influence, and Develop Your Unique Leadership Style.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Live workshop.
A 3-day strategic planning workshop where leaders and their teams identify their business' weaknesses & opportunities, define their business' vision, values, and strategic objectives

Life Coaching

Personal Development Programs

The Ultimate Guide to Mindful Living

Live intentionally, cultivate mindfulness, and thrive in every area of your life. The time to live is now

DISC® Coaching Program

Unlock Your Potential with DISC: Discover Your Unique Personality Type and Maximize Your Success

Coaching on Career Choices

Your Career Success Story Starts Here: Coaching for Optimal Career Results

Life Coach Training

Training to become a Life Coach

Become a Life Coach: Course 1

Unlock Your Coaching Potential. Transform Lives. Start Your Journey With Balance Life Coach Training. This online course, led by seasoned coaching pro Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology), is the first of four courses in our comprehensive series.

Become a Life Coach: Course 2

Unlock the Power of Coaching Conversations: Learn to Build Strong Relationships. Join Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology) for the second installment of our four-part Life Coaching Series and learn the essential skills for creating helping relationships, conducting meaningful conversations, holding reflective spaces, mastering the art of presence, listening actively, and asking powerful questions.

Become a Life Coach: Course 3

Discover the Power of Identity: Unleash Your Potential as a Balanced Life Coach with our Online Training Program. Join Nico Liebenberg, an expert in Psychology and Life Coaching, for the third installment of our four-part Life Coaching Series.

Essential Life Coaching Skills

Discover the Art of Life Coaching: From Beginner to Expert with Nico Liebenberg

Become a Life Coach: Course 4

Transform Your Coaching With 9 Powerful Coaching Tools - Enroll Now and Master 9 Coaching Tools. This course, led by renowned Life Coach Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology), is the fourth and final installment in a series of life coaching courses that will equip you with a range of powerful coaching tools.

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