Become a Life Coach: Course 1 Introduction to Coaching

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Welcome to the Balance Life Coach training program - the first step on a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled coach and making a positive impact on the world.

Experienced Program Director

Nico Liebenberg, a seasoned coaching pro with extensive experience and knowledge, will share valuable insights and practical tips that you can apply in real-life coaching situations. You'll learn from his expertise and benefit from his years of experience in the field.

Discover Your Unique Coaching Style

One of the most exciting aspects of this course is the opportunity to discover your unique coaching style. Through a process of self-discovery, you'll identify your strengths, values, and personality traits that can be leveraged in your coaching practice. This will enable you to develop a coaching style that is authentic and effective.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support through additional mentoring sessions with Nico Liebenberg.

Deep Understanding of Coaching Fundamentals

This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of coaching fundamentals, including effective communication, active listening, and empathy. You'll learn how to establish trust with your clients and guide them towards achieving their goals.

Equip You With Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to start coaching others effectively. You'll be able to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their full potential and create lasting change.

Online Videos

21 Engaging, high-quality videos.

This online course, led by seasoned coaching pro Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology), is the first of four courses in our comprehensive series. Throughout this course, you'll gain a deep understanding of coaching fundamentals, including the importance of effective communication, active listening, and empathy.

1 Master Class 1
2 Master Class 2
3 Master Class 3
4 Master Class 4
Master Class 1

Weeks 1-2: Coaching effectiveness

  • You can become who you desire to be.
  • What is a Coach?
  • What makes coaching effective?
  • Becoming the greatness you are
  • Compassion and kinship: Gregory Boyle.
  • Prescribed book: Tattoos on the heart.
Weeks 1-2: Coaching effectiveness
Master Class 2

Weeks 3-4: Basic frameworks of coaching

  • Basic framework of coaching.
  • Coaching and other people-helping efforts.
  • Types of coaching.
  • Trauma coaching, a basic understanding.
  • Team coaching.
Weeks 3-4: Basic frameworks of coaching
Master Class 3

Weeks 5-6: Human change

  • Bonus video: Why do you sometimes feel insignificant?
  • The comfort zone is a wonderful place, but...
  • What is a paradigm shift?
  • Coaching, change, and paradigms.
Weeks 5-6: Human change
Master Class 4

Weeks 7-8: Definitions of coaching

  • Definitions of coaching.
  • Nico Liebenberg's definition of coaching.
  • Coaching and the learning process.
  • Being human.
  • Coaching and who man is.
  • Start where you are.
  • How I have dealt with having blind and disabled sons?
Weeks 7-8: Definitions of coaching

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