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Transforming your career with expert guidance: Our career coaching program offers personalized guidance to help you make the right career choices

Experienced Program Director

Coach Nico Liebenberg, who holds an MA in Psychology, provides participants with expert feedback on their career interests and helps them discover their true passions and talents with the Holland Career Codes test.

Career Fit

By helping participants discover their passions and talents, the program can help them find the perfect career fit, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and success.

In-depth Coaching Content

The program helps participants gain a deeper understanding of their interests, strengths, and career goals, which can help them make more informed decisions about their career paths.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support through additional coaching sessions with an Expert Coach.

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Engaging Video Content

6 Engaging, high-quality videos.

Receive feedback from Coach Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology) on your career interests and discover your true passions and talents with the Holland Career Codes test. Our program will help you gain a deeper understanding of your interests, strengths, and career goals to find the perfect career fit for you.

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6 Video 6
Video 1

Doing the test

  • How to do the Holland career interest test?
Doing the test
Video 2


  • Holland career interests overview
Video 3


  • Holland career interests descriptive words
Video 4


  • Holland career interests what they are good at?
Video 5


  • Holland career interests contributions
Video 6

Typical jobs

  • Holland career interests typical jobs
Typical jobs

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