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    7 Mentoring Conversations for Leaders

    This mentoring program is designed for Leaders to pass on their leadership to the next generation. It is based on 7 conversations facilitated by Mentors (Leaders) to grow their followers (Mentees) into Super Stars. This program has a practical basis and is designed to give the Leader the necessary mentoring and coaching tools to conduct the 7 most relevant mentoring conversations. With these 7 conversations the Mentor guides the Protégé in clarifying values, identifying roles, getting 360 feedback, defining contributions and passions, and writing a purpose statement.
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    Leadership and Trust

    A leadership program to learn about trust in relationships and build self-confidence. Trust and self-confidence are 2 essential ingredients to great leadership.

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    The Paradigm of a Leader

    This leadership program holds the key to become a phenomenal leader. Nico Liebenberg, the presenter of this program, an Executive and Leadership Coach with a Masters degree in Psychology has more than 30 years of experience in transforming leaders and their companies. He taught many significant business leaders to 'walk in their own footsteps'. Nico lays a solid foundation to develop and maintain a true and significant leadership mind-set. This program provides you with a a clear path to become a leader of significance and influence. This 6-month program is the first of a three-part series on leadership. The second part is called the posture of a leader and the third is called the practice of a leader.

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    The Posture of a Leader

    This program on leadership is the second part of a three-part series on leadership. This program is called the posture of a leader. The first part is called the paradigm of a leader and the third part is the practice of a leader. In this program a solid foundation for understanding the posture a true and significant leader holds is discussed and explained through different teachings of Nico Liebenberg on leadership. If you truly want to become a leader of significance following this program will provide you with a great start to that end. Nico teaches with great understanding and depth on how to become a leader who understands what it means to 'walk in your own footsteps'.

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