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    6 Thinking Hats

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    Circle communication

    Introduction This team exercise is facilitated to help people get to know one another better or to break the ice at the beginning of a…
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    Feedback in the team

    Introduction This team exercise is facilitated to help people who work in the same team understand one another better. Process In a team of 10…
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    Kickstart your session

    Introduction Facilitators use this tool to kickstart a team coaching or training session. It includes a brain teaser, clarifying expectations, and introduction exercise. Coaching Tool…
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    Team exploration

    Introduction This team coaching tool helps a team discover certain important elements in the team, i.e. team strengths, achievements, focus areas, and roles. Process Coaching…
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    They say, I say

    Introduction This coaching tool helps teams to clarify the different roles and responsibilities different team members fulfil. Coaching Tool To view this coaching tool, click…
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    This is me

    To unlock this free coaching tool, click the ‘Start Program’ button, pause, then click it again. In future you can access this free coaching tool…
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    Who do you choose?

    Introduction This coaching tool is used to allow team members to give one another feedback in a fun and non-threatening manner. Process Coaching Tool To…

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