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  1. First steps
    How to navigate on this Coaching Connection platform?
  2. Do you know what I really need?
    Identify coaching needs
  3. How do I open my own account?
    Create your truity account
  4. How to access your truity test results?
  5. What is my type?
    Do the TypeFinder® temperament test
  6. 4 Scales of Personality
    1 Topic
  7. Descriptions of the 4 scales of personality
    1 Topic
  8. Read More About The 4 Scales of Your Personality Type
  9. What is my temperament?
    Temperament Overview
  10. Temperament: Things They are Good at
  11. Temperament things they are good at slides
  12. Temperament Descriptions
  13. Descriptive Words of the 4 Temperaments
  14. Short Descriptions of the Four Temperaments
  15. Temperament Links
  16. Temperament and Personality Type Handout
  17. What kind of personality do I have?
    Do the TypeFinder® Personality test
    2 Topics
  18. How compatible are your personality with your partner's personality?
  19. The 4 Scales of the 16 Personalities video
  20. 4 Scales of The 16 Personalities slides
  21. Leadership and 16 Personalities
  22. Harvard Business Review on Leadership
  23. What is my leadership style?
    Managers and Leaders
  24. Purpose in 4 contexts questionnaire
  25. What is my purpose in the 4 contexts of life?
    Purpose in four contexts questions
  26. Do the DISC® test
  27. What is my DISC® behavioral style?
    Do the Big 5 personality test
  28. What is my Enneagram number?
    What is the Enneagram?
  29. Learn Your Enneagram Type Video
  30. Personal Purpose Assessment
  31. What is my purpose in life?
  32. The Power of Insignificance and Humility
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Do the DISC® test


The DISC® test assesses your personality type.


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