The Paradigm of a Leader

This leadership program holds the key to become a phenomenal leader. Nico Liebenberg, the presenter of this program, an Executive and Leadership Coach with a Masters degree in Psychology has more than 30 years of experience in transforming leaders and their companies. He taught many significant business leaders to 'walk in their own footsteps'. Nico lays a solid foundation to develop and maintain a true and significant leadership mind-set. This program provides you with a a clear path to become a leader of significance and influence. This 6-month program is the first of a three-part series on leadership. The second part is called the posture of a leader and the third is called the practice of a leader.

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This leadership program will change your life. Whether you are the CEO of a large company or a newly appointed young team leader this 6-month leadership program will revolutionize your life as a leader. This life-changing program consists of 23 videos made available to you on a weekly basis and consists of both theoretical insights and practical application. You will learn about change, celebration, forgiveness, purpose, your roles, and setting goals. All the most important elements of becoming a great leader. You will also be coached to identify your purpose in life, write your purpose statement, identify your unique roles, and set weekly goals. Come and join Nico Liebenberg on this journey of influence and fulfill your role as a leader.

Development Content

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Month 1 Week 1: Paradigms of Leadership
Month 1 Week 2: Leadership and Change
Month 1 Week 3: Leadership in challenging times
Month 1 Week 4: Leadership and Presence
Month 2 Week 1: Leadership and celebrating strengths
Month 2 Week 2: Leadership with a new mindset
Month 2 Week 3: Leadership legacy
Month 2 Week 4: Leadership and discovering purpose
Month 3 Week 1: Leadership and embracing purpose
Month 3 Week 2: Leadership and celebrating purpose
Month 3 Week 3: Leadership in your work, family, social and spiritual contexts
Month 3 Week 4: The 12-year-old leader in you
Month 4 Week 1: Leadership and purpose
Month 4 Week 2: Leadership and purpose
Month 4 Week 3: Leadership and purpose
Month 4 Week 4: Leadership and statement of purpose
Month 5 Week 1: Leadership and balance
Month 5 Week 2: Leadership and goal-setting
Month 5 Week 3: The mind of a leader
Month 5 Week 4: The mind of a leader
Month 6 Week 1: Leadership and social intelligence
Month 6 Week 2: Leadership and social intelligence
Month 6 Week 3: Leadership and social intelligence
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