How to do Coaching?

How to coach and train in Coaching Connection?

Step 1: Sign up and subscribe

1: Sign Up

Your exciting new coaching and training journey starts with opening an account in Coaching Connection. Click the Sign Up button at the top menu (right) to open an account in Coaching Connection. You will receive an activation email to confirm your registration

2: Subscribe as a Coach or Instructor

Subscribe to the Coach/Instructor Role for $10 per month to enjoy all the coaching and training benefits. Your first month is free and you can cancel your subscription any time if you are not happy. You also receive a $10 shopping voucher to use in the Shop for your first purchase. Click Subscribe below to make a secure PayPal payment

Step 2: Choose your coaching or training program

3: Buy a coaching or training tool, process, or program

Browse the shop for high-quality, well-designed coaching tools, coaching programs, webinars, and training programs. Use your $10 shopping voucher to shop for the right tool, process, or program to use in your coaching or training

4: See your purchase

After you have made your purchase what you have bought is available in your profile under “My Processes or Courses

Step 3: On-board your clients or students on Coaching Connection

5: Invite your clients or students

Invite your clients or students to sign up to use Coaching Connection for FREE

6: Let your clients or students buy the tool, process, or program

Encourage your clients or students to buy the selected tool, process, or program you will use in your coaching or training. When they buy the coaching tool, program, or course it will appear in their profile under “My Processes or Course” ready for them to start their coaching or training

Step 4: Invite your clients or students to the coaching space or classroom

7: Create a group

Create a group for each of your clients and call it a “Coaching Space” or for your students and call it a “Classroom” and use it as a private space where you can interact, send messages, create forums and discussions and upload client or student reports, test results, and documents

8: Invite your clients or students

Invite your clients or students to the coaching space or classroom. If your clients or students are already registered on Coaching Connection invite them when you create the group. Or invite them later to the group (coaching space or classroom) by clicking the menu item, “Send Invites”. This menu item is in the group itself. You are now set to coach and teach

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