How to Coach on Personality?

A training program to learn to coach on personality

In this life coaching course Coaches and Mentors learn to use the TypeFinder® 16 Personalities as a coaching tool

Experienced Program Leader

Nico Liebenberg, the facilitator of this program has more than 18 years of experience in coaching. He also has a Masters degree in Psychology

Online Access Anywhere

You can access the learning material or have your mentoring from anywhere.

In-depth Coaching Content

The program contains fundamental topics to develop your coaching skills and abilities.

Online or Face-to-Face

Mentoring interactions are facilitated online via Zoom or face-to-face.

In these pre-recorded webinars Nico Liebenberg teaches on what the 16 Personalities are, how to administer the TypeFinder® 16 Personalities test and how to coach on it

1 Master class 1
2 Master class 2
Master class 1

Understanding personality

  • What role does personality play in coaching?
Understanding personality
Master class 2

Webinar on personality coaching

  • Personality coaching demo video 1 The tool.
  • Personality coaching demo video 2 The coaching demonstration.
  • Personality coaching demo video 3 Reflections on the coaching demo.
Webinar on personality coaching

The students say...

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R 350
  • Life coaching videos on personality

Videos & Mentoring

R 1,700
  • Life coaching videos on personality
  • 1 Hour of mentoring by Nico Liebenberg

Videos & Mentoring

R 3,050
  • Life coaching videos on personality
  • 2 Hours of mentoring by Nico Liebenberg

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