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In this leadership program Leaders learn about credibility, self-confidence and instilling trust in people

Experienced Program Facilitator

Nico Liebenberg, a Life- & Leadership Coach with a Masters degree in Psychology has more than 30 years of experience in leadership development.

Online Videos

The videos are online, you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Cutting-Edge Content

The program contains the latest fundamental wisdom to develop your true leadership identity and presence.

Ideal for Leaders on all Levels

This program is not just for senior managers and leaders, but it is also suitable for young, upcoming leaders.

In this leadership program Nico Liebenberg teaches on the origins of trust, how to grow trust, dimensions of relationship, and how to grow self-confidence

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Video 1

Origins of trust

  • Where does trust originate from?
Origins of trust
Video 2


  • What is mistrust?
Video 3


  • What is trust?
Video 4


  • What are the 4 dimensions of relationship?
Video 5


  • How do leaders grow self-confidence?

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Leader, you deserve this!


R 500
  • 5 leadership videos

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