Mentoring Conversations for Leaders

7 Conversation tools for Mentors to have
meaningful interactions with those they lead

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Months of lockdown caused a gap in the necessary transference of skills and knowledge to new professionals and young leaders. This mentoring program bridges the gap by transferring the baton of leadership to the next generation.

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Create a Mentoring Corporate Culture

This is the ideal program to implement a mentoring culture in your business or organization.

Create Leaders of Protégés

The program helps Mentors transfer their leadership in a practical and real way.

Online Access Anywhere

Mentors and Protégés can access the learning material and coaching tools or have mentoring sessions from anywhere.

Powerful Leadership Development

Mentors (Leaders) undergo the program themselves before they present it to their Protégés

Coaching Tools

The program is packed with excellent, well-designed, but simplistic coaching tools for Mentors to mentor their Protégés .

Regular Mentoring Interactions

Mentoring interactions are facilitated every three weeks.

With these 7 conversations the Mentor guides the Protégé in clarifying values, identifying roles, getting 360 feedback, defining contributions and passions, and writing a purpose statement.

7 Conversation tools

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Start mentoring

  • Coaching tool: Meet and greet.
Start mentoring

Value clarification

  • Coaching tool: Value clarification.
Value clarification

Role clarification

  • Coaching tool: Your roles in life.
Role clarification

360 Degree feedback

  • Coaching tool: 360 degree feedback.
360 Degree feedback


  • Coaching tool: Your contributions.


  • Coaching tool: Your passions in life.

Purpose statement

  • Coaching tool: Purpose statement template.
Purpose statement

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