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In this coaching program leaders discover, embrace, and celebrate their purpose in life

Experienced Program Facilitator

Nico Liebenberg, a Life- & Leadership Coach with a Masters degree in Psychology has more than 30 years of experience in leadership development.

Individual Leadership Coaching

The program includes 9 individual leadership coaching sessions.

Cutting-Edge Content

The program contains the latest fundamental wisdom to develop your true leadership identity and presence.

Online or Face-to-Face Coaching

Coaching sessions are facilitated face-to-face or via Zoom.

In this program Nico Liebenberg facilitates a coaching process for leaders who want to define and understand their identities as leaders

1 Session 1
2 Session 2
3 Session 3
4 Session 4
5 Sessions 5 & 6
6 Session 7
7 Session 8
8 Session 9
Session 1

Coaching needs

  • Leader, what are your coaching needs?
Coaching needs
Session 2

Embracing change

  • Leader, how to identify and embrace personal and professional changes?
Embracing change
Session 3

Purpose in 4 Contexts

  • How to begin with the end in mind?
Purpose in 4 Contexts
Session 4


  • Leader, what do the other say about your strengths?
Sessions 5 & 6

Purpose assessment

  • Leader, how to discover your true purpose?
Purpose assessment
Session 7

Leadership roles

  • Leader, how do you identify and define your roles?
Leadership roles
Session 8

Leadership goal-setting

  • Leader, how do you set goals?
Leadership goal-setting
Session 9

Purpose statement

  • Leader, how to write your purpose statement.
Purpose statement

Invest in your leadership

Leadership Coaching

R 22,500/leader

9 Leadership coaching sessions

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