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Making Significant Changes Questionnaire

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Making Significant Changes Questionnaire

“If you do not change the direction of your journey, you will end up where you are heading…”

And where does that journey take you?


Identify what you should stop, start, and continue at this point in your life, especially in the four primary contexts of your life, i.e. work, family, social, and spiritual


Do this questionnaire in preparation for you next coaching session

Answer all the questions in this questionnaire by clicking on the empty textboxes and type your answer

There are three questions per page. Scroll down for all the questions and navigate by clicking the page numbers at the end of the page to move forward and backward


It takes about an hour to complete this questionnaire. Find a quiet place to do this and breathe before you begin

Meaningful conversation

In the meaningful conversation with your Coach or Mentor you will explore your answers in greater depth

Making Significant Changes Questionnaire

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