What is This Website?

What is this and who am I?

This is a social- and network experiment both for coaches and coaching clients.

My name is Nico Liebenberg. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and I have been a practicing coach for 18 years. Before that I was a psychologist in private practice. I don’t believe it is too important for you to know this, but I know for you to keep on reading you need something “substantial”.

I have a passion to see people’s purposes lived and potential released. Apart from living for Jesus, my wife and 6 kids, I really get excited when people start to walk in their own footsteps.

Who can benefit from my work?

I have created this website because I believe there are potential coaches out there who want to make career changes and start to live significantly. I have trained about 200 of these coaches the past 15 years.

There are already-coaches of all types out there who would like more structure in their journey with people. Coaches who would appreciate well-designed coaching processes.

And then there are people out there who need what these coaches have to give. I call them coaching-clients. They are individuals, teams, families, corporates, big and small.

Why would you want to use this website?

You might want to use this website for the following reasons:

If you have a need to connect with other coaches or people-helpers.

If you are looking for well-designed coaching processes, and

If you need a coach to guide you on your path.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, there is. For the use of this website I charge US $10 per month membership and US $2.50 per session per coaching process. When a coaching process consists of 6 sessions, the process will cost US $15.

Because I am still testing some of the functions of this website, there will be no charge to use this website until 31 May 2020.

After 31 May you still have free choice whether you want to keep on being a member on this site.

What do you get for your membership to this community?

  • A profile you can edit.
  • A timeline (like Facebook).
  • You can send and receive messages.
  • You get notifications of what is going on in your profile or timeline.
  • You can join forums that discus topics of interest to you.
  • You can join or create groups.
  • Most probably much more?

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