What’s Included in Your Membership?

The Balance Company

Sign up today for your new coaching platform with its well-designed coaching processes


Your membership includes all the already designed coaching processes and all future updates

Coaching Processes

Choose from a variety of well-designed coaching processes

Coaching Tools

Each well-designed coaching process is already populated with high-quality coaching tools 

Coaching Quizzes

A variety of coaching quizzes and questionnaires are included in some of the coaching processes

Client Profiles

Each of your coaching clients has their own profile with profile pic and cover image

Message Clients

Send private messages to clients

Coaching Forums

Join or create your own forums to discuss any coaching topic

Your own coaching platform

We also design and build coaching websites for any type of Coach. 

The purpose of your own website is to supply you with a platform on which you can market and sell your services, develop a client database, design your specialized coaching processes, upload your own coaching tools, and track your clients’ coaching progress

Build shared vision for your business

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