This assessment measures your current level of satisfaction as well as your ‘guess’ on your partner’s level of satisfaction on several different elements of your relationship.

The Coach provides the couple with 5 cards numbered 1 to 5. Card 1 is number 1, card 2, number 2, card 3, number 3, etc.

The Coach would then explain the 5-point scale to the couple and ask them to rate each statement on this 5-point scale.

The first rating is how you rate your partner’s level of satisfaction. In other words, the Coach would read, “Trust in one another” and then the couple must choose how satisfied they think their partners are with this element of their relationship.

After each rating the Coach facilitates a discussion about the ratings.

Then the Coach would read the same statement again and ask them to rathe their own levels of satisfaction.

Use the following scale.

  • 1 = Not satisfied
  • 2 = Some satisfaction, but not enough
  • 3 = Average satisfaction
  • 4 = Satisfied
  • 5 = Amazing!
  1. Trust in one another
  2. Communication in your relationship
  3. Conflict handling in your relationship
  4. Empathy with one another
  5. Understanding for one another’s point of view
  6. The way you share tasks
  7. The way you make important decisions
  8. How you adapt to one another’s uniqueness
  9. Amount of time spend together
  10. Quality of time you spend together
  11. Your relationships with friends
  12. Supporting one another in difficult times
  13. Your spiritual lives
  14. Your finances
  15. Your spending habits
  16. Your partner’s relationship with your family
  17. The intimacy in your relationship

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