Transform From Manager To Leader

Welcome to a transformative journey of leadership growth and self-discovery.

This leadership coaching program is a holistic blend of proven leadership principles, self-assessment tools, and emotional intelligence strategies. We understand that leadership is not just about managing teams; it's about managing oneself, building character, fostering teamwork, and adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape. Throughout this program, you will discover your unique leadership style, and uncover the hidden facets of your character that can enhance your effectiveness as a leader. We will provide you with the insights, tools, and support needed to lead authentically and ethically, while also fostering an environment of collaboration and emotional intelligence within your teams.


Episode #1

Introduction to leadership

Episode #2

Managing change

Episode #3

Leadership and character

Episode #4

Leadership and presence

Episode #5

Leadership temperament

Episode #6

Leadership purpose

Episode #7

Leadership communication

Episode #8

Leadership problem solving

Episode #9

Leadership mind-set

Episode #10

Leadership and teamwork I

Episode #11

Leadership and teamwork II

Episode #12

Leadership and EQ

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