Master the Leadership Principles, Styles,
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Unlock your leadership potential and take your team to new heights with seasoned Leadership Coach Nico Liebenberg's dynamic leadership program

Leadership Skills

Learn the essential skills and strategies for effective leadership, from managing change to developing high-powered teams.

Lead With Purpose and Balance

Gain insights into how to live a more fulfilling leadership life by aligning your personal and professional goals and cultivating a healthy work-life balance.

Join us now for this 12-episode program and become the leader you were born to be!

Program structure

The program entails three primary components, namely online videos, a personalized leadership coaching session that is scheduled once a month exclusively for each leader, and a team coaching session every month held for the entire leadership team.

Program content

1 Episode 1
2 Episode 2
3 Episode 3
4 Episode 4
5 Episode 5
6 Episode 6
7 Episode 7
8 Episode 8
9 Episode 9
10 Episode 10
11 Episode 11
12 Episode 12
Episode 1

Foundations of leadership

  • 5 Online videos: Introduction and paradigms. Definition of a leader. Leadership in challenging times. Pro activity. The comfort zone.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discover and define your leadership coaching needs.
  • Team coaching: Communication and cohesion in the team.
Foundations of leadership
Episode 2

Navigating change effectively

  • 6 Online videos: Change is here to stay. What leaders teach. Johari's window. Leaders die empty. Overcome. Be effective.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Gearing to manage and embrace change.
  • Team coaching: Building synergy in the team.
Navigating change effectively
Episode 3

Character development in leadership

  • 4 Online videos: The process of learning, growing, and becoming. Life is like climbing a ladder. Why we sometimes feel insignificant? If you were born to fly, fly!
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering the power of defining moments.
  • Team coaching: Team SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.
Character development in leadership
Episode 4

Cultivating a leadership mind-set

  • Online video: Leadership and mind-set.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Balancing self-perception.
  • Team coaching: Understanding team thinking.
Cultivating a leadership mind-set
Episode 5

Emotional intelligence in leadership

  • Online video: Leadership and EQ.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering and growing your EQ.
  • Team coaching: EQ in leading teams.
Emotional intelligence in leadership
Episode 6

Leadership and teamwork I

  • Online video: Leadership and teamwork.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering and growing your team management skills.
  • Team coaching: Tools to manage teams.
Leadership and teamwork I
Episode 7

Leadership and teamwork II

  • Online video: Leadership and teamwork II.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Leading teams.
  • Team coaching: Tools to manage teams II.
Leadership and teamwork II
Episode 8

Mastering leadership presence

  • 6 Online videos: DISC self-perceptions. DISC descriptive words. DISC strengths and weaknesses.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Your leadership presence.
  • Team coaching: Creating synergy in strategy.
Mastering leadership presence
Episode 9

Understanding leadership temperament

  • 10 Online videos: The 4 scales of temperament. Descriptions of the 4 scales. Temperament overview. Descriptions of temperament. Things the 4 temperaments are good at? Strengths and weaknesses of the 4 temperaments. 
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering your leadership temperament.
  • Team coaching: Identifying team temperament.
Understanding leadership temperament
Episode 10

Defining personal leadership purpose

  • Online video: Leadership and Discovering Purpose.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering your leadership purpose.
  • Team coaching: Identifying team purpose and roles.
Defining personal leadership purpose
Episode 11

Effective leadership communication

  • Online video: Leadership and communication.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Discovering your leadership communication strengths.
  • Team coaching: Improving communication in the team.
Effective leadership communication
Episode 12

Strategies in leadership problem solving

  • Online video: Leadership and problem solving.
  • Individual leadership coaching: Fixing problems.
  • Team coaching: Facilitating problem solving in the team.
Strategies in leadership problem solving
Coaching tools

The following coaching tools are done and used by the leaders during the program: Enneagram, MBTI (16 Personalities), Big 5 personality analysis, DISC, Emotional intelligence assessment, Value clarification, Personal purpose assessment.

Coaching platform

All the leaders will be registered as users on the Coaching Connection platform.

Individual Leadership Coaching

The program includes 1 leadership coaching session per episode for the duration of the program for each leader.

Team Coaching

The program includes 1 team coaching session per episode for the duration of the program for the whole leadership team.

Online Videos

Engaging, high-quality videos packed with leadership wisdom.

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